COVID-19 - Guidance for buyers when booking a viewing

Posted 16th May 2020 at 08:44

Please see below our current Health & Safety Policy for booking a viewing during the COVID-19 outbreak. This will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis in line with Government advice.

Dear X,


We are delighted that you would like to view (Property Name) in the immediate future. For your own safety and those of our client and staff you are required to follow the procedure outlined below. When you have read it please immediately reply to this email (with cc: to confirming you understand the contents and specifically confirming point 1. Your viewing is not confirmed until we have received your clarification email.

1. You must confirm that you and no one in your household has Coronavirus, the symptoms of Coronavirus, is self isolating or in the extreme vulnerable group.

2. Only 2 people, who should be the named buyers are allowed to see the property. No children under the age of 18 are allowed to view.

3. Some of our clients may not allow you to see their property unless you can proceed immediately and have finance in place.

4. Before viewing the property you MUST have done the following:

  • a. Seen the Sales Brochure of the property.
  • b. Seen the property on Google Earth.
  • c. Seen the property on Google Street View, or ideally have driven or walked past the property


5. On arrival at the property.

  • a. Wait in your car/outside until our staff greet you at a safe 2m social distance.
  • b. Our staff will advise you how the viewing will proceed.
  • c. Our staff will supply hand sanitiser; you MUST sanitise your hands IN FRONT of our staff.
  • d. You must wear a face mask.
  • e. You will have 15 mins to see the property inside.
  • f. You must not touch anything as you go around the property.
  • g. You must follow the direction of our staff and maintain a min 2m distance at all times.


6. On departure you can hand sanitise and dispose of face mask in our disposal bag.

7. Our staff will contact you by telephone on the morning of the appointment to confirm that your health circumstances have not changed. If your circumstances change between email confirmation of the appointment and the actual appointment time, you must let us know ASAP. For further information regarding Government advice on home moving during the Coronavirus, please see:-


Please accept that these procedures are for your own safety and that of our clients and staff. Please now reply to this email confirming that you have read it and accept the terms. Please be specific in terms of point 1.